Welcome to the very first Oddfellows, The Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society Website. We are the oldest and longest established of all the traditional branch-friendly societies, with a proud record of helping our members and their families stretching back over 200 years. Today, our organisation reaches into all four corners of the world, with branches in America, Africa, Australia, the West Indies and Europe. 
Click on the pages above to discover our Oddfellows history going back to 1798, our financial products , who and where we are and our Organisation Structure plus, view the events that have taken place throughout the year in our various UK branches in which new members are always welcome. 
If you are interested in joining an Oddfellows lodge and becoming active within the Order just contact the secretary of the nearest lodge in your area or Head Office on 0161 872 3356 or e-mail guoofs@aol.com for further details and you will be warmly welcomed as a new member entitled to a range of benefits for a small annual contribution. 
Financial products ( available to members and non- members) include the Cashbuilder Plan, Helping Hands Savings Plan (Juveniles up to 16) and Individual Account System (IAS - members of lodges only). 
Friendship is the bread of life. it is essential to our wellbeing. We could not survive without it. Ever since the beginning of time we have been extending the hand of friendship to each other. In very primitive communities, having the help of others in a crisis is a matter of survival. However, even in today's world where it seems as if we could survive without ever talking to another human being, friendship is important. Friendship is a pre-requisite to sanity. we are social human beings and we need friends to survive." 
We are all bound in one common belief that the Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society is a committed, contemporary and progressive organisation dedicated entirely to the wellbeing of our members. 
Our considerable assets are prudently managed in a commercially sound manner and our tax-exempt status ensures that our members' investments grow quickly. 
Processing of your personal data is necessary for the performance of our contract for services with you. Generally, this is the lawful basis on which we intend to rely for the processing of your data. Our policy is to gather and process only that personal data which is necessary for us to conduct our services appropriately with you. Click on our Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page. 


Macmillan Cancer Support was the chosen Charity of the Immediate Past Grand Master Brother Richard Penn who served in the office of Grand Master of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows from 2016 handing over the position to the current Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck. 
Over the two year period whilst he was in office, various lodge and Order functions that were held by Oddfellow members across the country, donated proceedings from various raffles to raise the magnificent sum of £3000 towards his chosen charity. 
The ambition of the Macmillan Cancer Support Group is to help sufferers of cancer find their best way through the hard times ahead from the moment of diagnosis, so they are able to live life as fully as possible. 
In 2017, the organisation estimates some 1.6 million people received personal, high impact support and during that year Macmillan had 4,555 nurses operating in the NHS and the Community. 
Volunteers help with planning, managing your finances including income, spending, budgeting, borrowing and asking someone to manage your finances for you. 
Local volunteers are trained to help people affected by cancer in their community and there are support groups all over the country. The type of practical help they provide includes: 
* Housework such as cleaning, washing up and ironing. 
*Light gardening. 
* Accompanying sufferers to use local services. 
* Helping with transport to appointments. 
Emotional help, which is vital, is also provided: 
* Befriending. 
* Visiting to have a chat. 
*Regular phone calls. 
All Macmillan volunteers are selected following training and are subject to appropriate background and police checks for their role. 
If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer, you can visit online 'Volunteering Village' to find opportunities or visit www.macmillan.org.uk. There are 14 Macmillan Centres across the Greater Manchester Area where the Head Office of the Grand United )Oddfellows is based and details of these centres are available to view online.  
Brother Richard Penn and Grand Secretary Brother Neil Robinson pictured with Sarah Peet from Macmillan Cancer Support 
The Immediate Past Grand Master Brother Richard Penn and the Grand Secretary Brother Neil Robinson pictured with Sarah Peet from Macmillan 

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