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The Immediate Past Grand Master Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyck is proud and delighted to report that her Grand Masters Charity Fund raised during her 4 year term of office as Grand Master collected the marvelous sum of £5400. 
Sister Marian Blankson-VanDyk chose her charity to be 'Breast Cancer Now' and she made the presentation today the 2nd November at their offices in London. 
Below is an acknowledgement from the Charity of the good that the donation can do which was addressed to the Grand Secretary prior to the presentation and images of the presentation are also below. 
Well done Sister Marian with your contribution to a very worthy cause and grateful thanks must go to the many members who contributed at various functions over the 4 years of your office !. 
Hi Neil 
Thank you so much for getting in touch and letting us know about the amazing success of your fundraising! We’re so grateful that Marian chose us as her charity – do pass on our sincere thanks! It would be great to hear a bit more about what you did to raise this incredible total!? 
As an idea of how £5,400 could help, this is enough to fund all of the following: 
• pay for two working weeks of research. That's two weeks of progress, two weeks closer to breakthroughs and two weeks closer to a world where everyone with breast cancer lives - and is supported to live well. 
• pay for six people with secondary breast cancer to attend our Living with Secondary Breast Cancer group sessions. These sessions support people with incurable secondary breast cancer, giving them expert information and a space to meet others who are going through the same thing as they are. 
• pay for an expert speaker at 10 Living with Secondary Breast Cancer group sessions. These sessions support people with incurable secondary breast cancer, giving them expert information and a space to meet others who are going through the same thing as they are. 
We hope you are so proud of your achievement! 
Best wishes 
Anna Hadjivassiliou 
Community Fundraising Executive 
The images include members of the Breast Cancer Now Team with Sister Marian and officals Sister Christine Wryter and Brother Robert Abbey from the London United Lodge 11636 plus the Senior Director of the Order Brother Martin Gordon. 

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